Domain Appraisal

A domain name appraisal is an estimate about the potential sales price of a particular Domain Name. A domain name appraisal is highly speculative. It is an estimate and an opinion, and can considerably vary depending upon the considered elements of the name and its extension.

Appraisal is generally based on the following considerations when evaluating a domain name:

  • Top-level domain— .com, .net, .org, .info, .asia, .mobi and so on. “.com” domains are usually considered more valuable that corresponding domain names in other TLDs
  • Meaning – Domain names referring to popular subjects are worth more than those referring to niche subjects, e.g. movies vs. entomology.
  • Suitability for commercial use.
  • Number of words – Domains that comprise fewer words generally have a larger market.
  • Number of searches performed for the domain name or its component words in recent history can indicate its value for search engine optimization.
  • Length – Shorter names are more convenient for users, being faster to type and less prone to typing errors and easier to remember.
  • Pronounceability – A domain whose proper spelling is clear when spoken is generally more valuable than one which is ambiguous.
  • Added numbers usually lower estimation (e.g., would be rated as less valuable than
  • Typographical errors or misspellings – Domain names resembling other domains except for a typographical error can be valued by those seeking to use them for advertising or competitive activities, but can also run afoul of local trademark laws.
  • Age — A long-established domain tends to be more valuable.
  • Singular and plural domains may differ in their pricing (e.g. or
  • Recent traffic.
  • Selling price of previous similar domains can suggest the current market value of a domain name.
  • and more…

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